Waterlily Therapies Reflexology and Bowen Fascial Release Technique in Abingdon

 Reflexology. plantar foot

A therapeutic foot or hand massage for health and well-being.

An ancient art and fascinating science

Reflexology is a non intrusive complementary therapy where pressure is applied to specific areas of the hands or feet. The specific areas correspond to areas of the body. It is a holistic treatment, the whole body is treated not just specific symptoms. Certain imbalances maybe addressed instilling a feeling of well being and relaxation through re-balancing.

This therapeutic method is used to relieve tension and treat illness or dis-ease. It is based on the the theory that reflex points on the hands and feet are linked to every part of the body allowing natural energy to flow.

Many conditions may be helped by reflexology and many people from babies to the elderly may benefit from it. Our lifestyles are so hectic that stresses build up, which may cause problems if we do not take regular time out.

I will take a medical history on the initial visit and recap on that at subsequent visits. This will take into account physical and emotional factors that may be affecting your well being so each treatment is tailored for you. Our bodies are amazing they have the ability to heal themselves given a bit of help.

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